More Characters Than a Tweet

The example tells me I should tell you why I’m doing this. To tell you the truth, I’m not quite sure other than I was strolling through my Facebook timeline and saw others doing it, so why not? What makes their observations any more clever than mine? Why should they get all the glory a WordPress blog brings?

So now you know. I’m writing my innermost thoughts because everyone else is doing it. My parents are so proud.

Some basic guidelines:

1. I will refrain from politics or religion. You probably don’t care what I think and I sure as hell am not going to listen to someone as wrong as you are on the subject.

2. Grammar nazis look elsewhere. There will be plenty of misspelled words, syntax errors, and general buffoonery as I butcher the written word in this blog. Put up with it or don’t.

3. Enjoy. My mind numbing thoughts are just that: mind numbing. Reading this will be like a relaxing cigar. A nice pint of whatever you choose to imbibe. Or if you’re like me, a double double animal style that makes the tears stop flowing.

I look forward to entertaining you, or at that very least, clogging up you Facebook timeline.