A Bad Week

This has been a bad week. Not personally, but physically. Routines were knocked off course. Schedules were put in disarray. Convenience trumped doing the right things. Compromises were justified. Again, it was a bad week.

Some of you may know, but I’d adhere to a relatively strict eating window. 8 hours from the first bite of food. It’s called intermittent fasting, and I’m a big believer in its effectiveness. This week, I ate outside that window several times. Late night cravings, early morning cravings, and cravings in between.

I hear you saying,”What’s the big deal? So you ate outside an arbitrary eating window.” And I would agree had I not eaten 6 Oreos, 3 m&m cookies, a grilled cheese, a chocolate muffin, a handful of Doritos, a Dr Pepper, a choco-cherry blizzard, and a HUUUUUUUUGE bowl of Cookie Crisp cereal. Additionally, I didn’t meet my macronutrient goals 4 out of the last 7 days.


Why did I do this? Why was this week the week I binged? The holiday weekend threw the schedule into a blender and hit “frappe”. More time at home was great (even with the 100 dirty diapers I changed), but it also made me more likely to fudge my diet.

I think most of us are like this. We have a routine that is stringent and provided the planets and moon align with sun just perfectly, it all goes to plan. However, the first wrench thrown in our works causes the whole operation to go into the toilet. This was me last week. It was easy to grab a cookie or a muffin. I was late for a meeting. I had an appointment. The kids had to get to school.

All of that was crap and just an excuse to be lazy.

Working Out
This week was a planned deloading week, with a focus on stability work. We were still scheduled to workout 4 days this week, but with focus being on bodyweight and core work. While necessary, this protocol caused me to lower my intensity. I didn’t have the same drive. I didn’t bring the same vigor as I would had we been jacking steel.

And sprint day? That was also not smart. Due to schedules, we had to do it at noon, in Yuma, Arizona, in September. Not smart. I went through motions and was genuinely smoked, but not from the workout. 107 degrees on a turf field got into my head and I didn’t attack it the way I normally do.

The Good News
This week doesn’t undo the other 51. If I wanted to, I could throw in the towel, and accept that it’s just too difficult to be fit. I could allow my circumstances to dictate my existence. But that would be the easy way out. That’s what most people do. They become victims instead of conquerors.

I refuse to allow 7 days to dictate the other 358.

That’s the great thing about fitness. It’s a struggle from sun up to sun down. In those moments of struggle, you find your strength or weakness. You choose which one it will be.


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